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October 25, 2006


Jo Fox

I first tried Jagos at the Ideal Home Exhibition on a stand and thought I would love to try it again somewhere less crowded, ideally snuggled up on my sofa with a good book! I saw the offer for the free sample and eagerly awaited the day my postman shoved it through the letterbox and let it crash worringly onto the hard tiled floor - luckily no harm was done and I kept it for weeks in the fridge thinking the diddy little bottle was too cute to open. When I finally allowed myself to drink the stuff I wasn't disappointed, it was sublime. Didn't use the voucher as we don't have a Sainsbury's close to hand but a bottle of Jagos will feature on my Christmas list this year! Jagos and Christmas pudding would go rather well together don't you think?!


Thanks for the invitation to post a comment. I loved the sample you sent and I took no convincing at all to put the money off voucher towards a bottle of Jagos.
Excellent drink and have certainly recommended it to others!


This is great over ice creamm (personally I recommend the New Haagen Daz, cappuccino chocolate truffle as a perfect accompanyment but you don't have to take my word for it)!
Was slated for bringing it out the fridge and my boyfriend sneered at me for having such a 'girlie drink' however while I was out the room, there appeared to be a little less in the glass when I returned and no noises of disgust followed so I guess he liked it too. Fair enough that he wouldn't order it in a pub but I'm guessing he's not who you are marketing it at. I'd recommend it to all my friends and particulary at this time of year when it's cold.

Anne-Marie Martin

Thank-You for the sample I received. I really enjoyed it. I did go down to Sainsbury's to buy a bottle and I enjoy a glass in the evening now and then.Many thanks.



Thanks for the free sample. It was really lovely, unfortunately it was gone in a couple of gulps! I didn't buy a bottle with my voucher but I have hinted heavily that I would like a bottle (or 2) for Xmas. It's definitely a nice drink to sip in front of a log fire at Xmas!


Nicola Bennett

Hi Tara,

I couldn't access the blog but just wanted to say I've really enjoyed reading your website - especially Tom Jagos blurb! Thanks for bring my attention to it.

It was so long ago that I tasted Jagos (perhaps you could send another sample to refresh my memory? Hehe) but I do remember really enjoying it. It certainly didn't last long that's for sure. I love Baileys and creamy drinks in general so I guess that's no surprise. I try not to keep them in the house though (and hence haven't bought a bottle) because it's just TOO easy to drink and I'm always trying to watch the calories. I might just have to get some in for Christmas though...


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