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September 17, 2006



I post this in the faint hopes that Tom Jago may see it. I only recently found out that he was the creator of Moet & Chandon's Petite Liqueur, possibly the most perfect liquor ever made. Why would anyone have stopped making it. Please, Mr. Jago, move heaven and earth to get it back to us.

A Fan

adam jago william

one time i've seen an alcohol bottle named jago's
i wonder why it was named like my family name
i've surfed in the webs to see who was the creator and now i found.
my family from my father's side are english, they live in cornwall at truro.i 've been there several time.
so i wondered if we were from the same family
escuse me for the english i dont speek very well english
it's great jago's

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